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Welcome to the OSHIROmodelterrain webshop

update 01 MAY 2023


Postage charges in the webshop are still post free for any UK orders over £100

and EU, RoW orders over £150.


OSHIROmodelterrain Kickstarter

in Collaboration with Edinburgh University

has successfully fulfilled.

Thank you to all who pledged! (21May2023)

       <<< News APR/2023 >>>

  1. There's a new VSF flying machine in the VSFV section.

  2. I've added a small building to the sci-fi buildings section, it can be added to others for extra height.

Welcome to the OSHIROmodels webshop. 
OSHIROmodels webshop by OSHIROmodelterrain
We produce a wide range of quality miniature terrain in various scales and no job is too big or too small. 
Japanese, Chinese, Victorian, European, Sci-Fi and UrbanFuture scenery and terrain.

All our models are professionally hand made, moulded, cast, drawn and  3D printed (not necessarily in that order).
All measurements in the webshop are in millimetres. 
Our items are sold as unpainted unless otherwise noted - Painted buildings and terrain items are for illustrative purposes only and also
figures are for display purposes only.

Along with carrying out commission work we also offer a painting service for the products in the webshop; 
please email for enquiries.

By using this website and /or placing an order for items, you confirm your agreement to the Terms and conditions.
We stock the 28mm Gothic Horror figure range from Highgate Miniatures,
the VSF figure range from Red Planet Miniatures. The rules from Wiley Games are now stocked by Caliver Books.

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before placing your order.
Follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook for our latest updates.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us. 

Many thanks and enjoy your shopping.

Last months popular items

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