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OSHIRO news 14/Aug/2022

We have a new range available; Medieval!

There are two buildings in the range but these will be followed by others in the near future. The first two releases are on pre-order until the 22nd August when they will start to be sent out. Place your orders as normal and everything will be sent out at the same time from Aug 22nd.

A simple gateway has been added to the 28mm Yamashiro section of the webshop. It comes with separate doors and wall supports which can be modelled open or closed.

There is now a complete Yagura (watchtower) in the Yamashiro section of the 28mm Japanese area of the webshop and it has a fully accessible interior.


We have added some decking base toppers to the Figure Base section of the Gaming Aids area in the webshop. They are 0.8mm white beech veneer and come in 20 & 25mm diameters.

Painted versions of all the 15mm Japanese village and post-town buildings are now available, please select 'Finish' in your shopping cart when purchasing and pick either 'Painted' or 'Unpainted'.

There is a new section in the Sci-fi area of the catalogue; Sci-fi spacecraft! There is only one for now but it is fairly scale agnostic and comes with cargo options (more of which will be available in the future).

We have some new deck items in the VSF section of the catalogue with more to follow in the future.

The 28mm yamashiro section has new wall entries and re-mastered originals to allow for interior access.

There are some new tokens and flight stands available in the Gaming Aids section. I've also sorted that section out to make it a bit more navigable.

We have a new hauler in the sci-fi vehicle section of the webshop. It's got a couple of load out options available or it can just be used as it is.

There is a new building in the Victorian warehouse section. It's a small church/temperance hall and like all our Victorian kits it comes flat packed with doors, windows and roof tiles supplied as well as the main parts.

Welcome to the OSHIROmodels webshop. 
OSHIROmodels webshop by OSHIROmodelterrain
We produce a wide range of quality miniature terrain in various scales and no job is too big or too small. 
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All our models are professionally hand made, moulded, cast, drawn and  3D printed (not necessarily in that order).
All measurements in the webshop are in millimetres. 
Our items are sold as unpainted - Painted buildings are for illustrative purposes onlyand also figures are for display purposes only.
Along with carrying out commission work we also offer a painting service for the products in the webshop; 
please email for enquiries. 

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We stock the 28mm Gothic Horror figure range from Highgate Miniatures,
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